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INSTAR BOOKS publishes literature in electronic form, embracing contentious new models, welcoming the creative chaos of a destabilized industry. In addition to ebooks, we are intrigued by the possibilities of texts as social destinations, as performance, and also as digital sculptures, or "seeds." In fact, we want to try every goddamn thing.

We do not believe that genre distinctions are meaningful. Novelists and poets do not want to work for massive media conglomerates or make more bricks for giant corporate hell-castles. Readers do not want their literature mediated by marketing executives trying to build inoffensive global brands. We offer an alternative, unconvinced that readers and writers must only choose between old media incompetence or new technology relentlessness in order to consume and produce great work.

Our sales figures are public. As books breach arbitrary sales barriers, they evolve into new forms or become the symbolic crux for new schemes and art projects, as decided in advance with our authors. For instance, when one of our books sells at least five hundred copies, we pursue a print edition in conjunction with OR BOOKS, jointly publishing this title as a paperback. But the savage alchemy of our publishing process does not end there...