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summon demon

by Miracle

In the dead of night, six children leave a home for at-risk youth with a fantastical flying creature—one that appears to the children as a white unicorn whose horn has been replaced with a long black blade—who brings them to a strange, seething desert that contains only a cathedral, a diner, and hypnotically shifting trees. There, they must learn to understand one another, or they must die.

Combining the hypermodern, surreal visions of China Mieville and Grant Morrison and the storytelling charge of Charles Dickens himself, Sharing—the first installment in The Fold, the forthcoming seven-volume slipstream epic from underground raconteur Miracle Jones—is at once an allegory of loneliness and a con brio American fantasy adventure, one that tells the story of what those children do there, whom they meet, and how—and if—they escape.

ebook edition
.epub, .mobi, and .pdf
ISBN 978-0-9904528-1-2

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ebook edition
.epub, .mobi, & .pdf

"Chronicles of
Narnia meets
by way of
to the strong
of heart
and stomach."

72 sales

@25 sales

@50 sales

@100 sales

Miracle Jones will get high and then eat an entire erotic cake, alone, on a street corner in Queens to an 8-bit version of "Sweet Caroline," by Neil Diamond. The video will be made available to the Internet.

@125 sales

Miracle Jones will review every 24-hour diner in NYC

@150 sales

A flash drive "Wunderkammer Seed" sculpture of Sharing becomes available for sale

@200 sales

A book trailer for Sharing, possibly wherein Miracle Jones gets his fortune told by NYC's finest storefront psychics

@250 sales

An illustrated bestiary / cookbook will form the nucleus for an annotated online Wikipedia for "The Fold"

@500 sales

A paperback edition becomes available, printed on high-quality 100% recycled paper in the American heartland

@1000 sales

Miracle Jones will record Sharing as an audio book, synchronizing it to the video from Ken Burns' The Civil War


Copies of Sharing will be donated to every prison library and homeless shelter in America


Sex tape???


A diner will be constructed in the middle of the Chihuahuan desert and kept fully stocked with free signed copies of Sharing, in addition to downloadable ebooks. The diner will run on solar power. The diner will serve coffee and pie, and will feature a jukebox that plays only Neil Diamond.